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5 January DÜSSELDORF Die Dreigroschenoper Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (Andreas Kriegenburg, director; Franz Leander Klee, conductor). In repertory through Mar. 25.
10 January TRIER Die Dreigroschenoper Theater Trier (Goldfarb & Goldfarb, directors; Malte Kühn, conductor). In repertory through Jun. 30.
11 January PÉCS Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Pannon Filharmonikusok (Vajda Gergely, conductor).
12 January BOCA RATON Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Lynn University (Ken Amis, conductor).
19 January LANDSHUT Die Dreigroschenoper kleines theater Kammerspiele Landshut (Sven Grunert, director; Manfred Manhart, conductor).
26 January DÜSSELDORF Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Die Jugendsinfonieorchester (JSO) der Tonhalle (Ernst von Marschall, conductor). Also Feb. 2 (Olymp) and Feb. 18 (Tonhalle Düsseldorf).
27 January BELFAST The Threepenny Opera Northern Ireland Opera (Walter Sutcliffe, director; Sinead Hayes, conductor). Through Feb. 10.
1 February TEPLICE Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Severoceská filharmonie Teplice: North Czech Philharmonic (Marko Ivanovič, conductor).
8 February BASEL Die Dreigroschenoper Theater Basel with Basel Sinfonietta (Dani Levy, director; Johannes Kalitzke, conductor). In repertory through Jun. 21.
12 February JACKSONVILLE, AL Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Jacksonville State University (Jeremy Stovall, conductor).
17 February BIRMINGHAM Kleine Dreigroschenmusik University of Birmingham (Daniele Rosina, conductor).
17 February NEUSTRELITZ Die Dreigroschenoper Landestheater Neustrelitz (Rainer Holzapfel, director; Frank Obermair, conductor). Also Mar. 3, 9.
18 February HALLE Die Dreigroschenoper Oper Halle (Henriette Hörnigk, director; Michael Wendeberg, conductor). In repertory through June 17.
21 February SAN DIEGO Kleine Dreigroschenmusik San Diego Winds (Gregg I. Hanson, conductor). Point Loma Nazarene University.
22 February DUBLIN Kleine Dreigroschenmusik RTÉ Concert Orchestra (Quentin Hindley, conductor).
26 February HAMBURG Die Dreigroschenoper Thalia Theater (Antú Romero Nunes, director; Johannes Hofmann, conductor). In repertory through May 19. Also Mar. 7-8 in Luxembourg.
27 February MONTREAL The Threepenny Opera National Theatre School of Canada (Eda Holmes, director). Through Mar. 3.
2 March DESSAU Die Dreigroschenoper Anhaltisches Theater Dessau (Ezio Toffolutti, director; Markus L. Frank, conductor). In repertory through Jun. 1.
7 March LUXEMBOURG Die Dreigroschenoper Thalia Theater (Antú Romero Nunes, director; Johannes Hofmann, conductor). Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg. Also Mar. 8.
9 March KAPFENBERG Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Symphonisches Orchester Kapfenberg (Helmut Traxler-Turner, conductor).
9 March SEVILLE Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Orquesta Sinfónica Conjunta (Juan García Rodríguez, conductor).
9 March SANTA FE, ARGENTINA Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Santa Fe (Walter Hilgers, conductor).
10 March TRENTON Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey (Daniel Spalding, conductor).
12 March GRAZ Kleine Dreigroschenmusik recreation - Grosses Orchester Graz (Christian Muthspiel, conductor). Also Mar. 13.
13 March ZURICH Die Dreigroschenoper Schauspielhaus Pfauen (Tina Lanik, director; Polina Lapovskaja, conductor). Also Mar. 15.
15 March KNOXVILLE Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Knoxville Symphony Orchestra (Aram Demirjian, conductor). Also Mar. 16.
16 March BOSTON The Threepenny Opera Boston Lyric Opera. Also Mar. 18, 23, 25.
21 March PHILADELPHIA Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Temple University (Patricia Cornett, conductor).
5 April ST. CHARLES, MO The Threepenny Opera Lindenwood University. Also Apr. 6-7.
19 April BOWLING GREEN, OH The Threepenny Opera Bowling Green State University. Through Apr. 22.
24 April MONTCLAIR Kleine Dreigroschenmusik Montclair State University (Thomas McCauley, conductor).
27 April DRESDEN Die Dreigroschenoper Staatsoperette Dresden (Sebastian Ritschel, director; Christian Garbosnik, conductor). In repertory through Jul. 13.
31 May DARMSTADT Die Dreigroschenoper Staatstheater Darmstadt (Marco Štorman, director) Also Jun. 9, 15.
15 June BRYAN, TX The Threepenny Opera The Theatre Company of Bryan-College Station. Through Jun. 24.
21 September KITTERY POINT The Threepenny Opera Threshold Theater Company (Kelli Leigh-Ann Conners, director).

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